About Us

Welcome to The Digital Agency

We at Jugaadzilla adopt a flexible approach to problem solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way in order to maximize resources

Who Are We

We are a bunch of people who love digital marketing. We love creating campaigns that bring in results. We love delivering results.

Our Mission

We help our clients whether its individuals or businesses, our mission is always to provide the highest quality of services.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



We begin every engagement with a thorough audit of your online presence and identify your strengths and what needs to be improved.



With a clear understanding of your current situation identify the strategy and the specific products to address your marketing goals.



We can now begin to design your custom solution and outline the implementation of the products we’ve identified for your success.



Next, we build and optimize the comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure maximum effectiveness to dominate your market.



After the comprehensive development phase, we test and validate the performance of the products to make final adjustments for launch.



Finally, we unleash your new strategy and report the progress, while continually optimizing to ensure your success.

Why Choose Us?

Customer Experience : Customer experience is paramount it informs everything, from the first time you are exposed to our brand to years from now when we are still supporting and marketing your business.

Quality Work : Every project we take on is another opportunity to prove our commitment to delivering the best solution. We work hard to develop the most innovative and professionally managed campaigns.

Customer Success : We enjoy getting to know each and every one of our clients and invest ourselves in their success. We don’t just build campaigns, we build relationships that yield results.

Learn & Teach : We work to make ourselves and others around us better by abundantly consuming knowledge and sharing it with employees, customers. Learning never stops, and we push ourselves to stay at the forefront of technologies, to be innovative, and to improve on every project.

Some Numbers

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