Is it worth going in for a SEO Web Design

There are a lot of Digital marketing agencies that design websites for their clients. Every day amateurs, professionals, marketers create millions of new websites but only some make a mark. The secret is a search engine-friendly website. SEO web design adds that extra special ingredient to the website which enables any search engine to discover the website easily and to understand its content better.

When planning a website, incorporate  SEO  strategies right from the start. A word of advice to anyone who is looking for a web developing service, look for agencies that will cover SEO for you as well.  Most digital marketers either provide SEO services or website design services, but it should be noted that these two services aren’t intrinsically different but rather are entwined.

The first impression is the last impression. It holds good for websites too. Most people who visit a website don’t go beyond the first page.  No one has the time to spend waiting for a webpage to load, and it’s off-putting when we come across a badly designed website.

A  SEO web design should  include:

a fabulous visual appeal,

a responsive website,

a fast page load,

a good  experience across multiple devices

content which includes text, visuals, and videos.

All these are apart from all the other SEO strategies like a good design architecture, inbound and outbound links, titles and meta descriptions, keywords, tags and meta description, URL structure.

This not only gives the website visitors a great experience, but it also enables google or any other search engines to index the website and present the content on the search engines.

Both website designing and SEO  increase the brand value of the good services that are on offer on the website. If the website is designed well, the more people visit it and talk about it on social media, the more it ranks higher on the search engine, and its brand value increases.

So what happens when we mesh SEO with web design.

We get a website which is not only great to use on the laptop or desktop but also which is mobile friendly. In fact, if the website is not devised friendly it will not do too well rank-wise on google.

Well presented content on a well-designed website. The text, colors. hyperlinks, the appearance of the content makes a lot of difference in the user-friendliness of the content. A great content presented badly will not go well with the audience.

An SEO-designed website has a good page load and runs fast. With a slow website, the bounce rate will just go up. In fact, page load speed affects the crawling of the search engine and the indexing of the website as well.

A well-structured sitemap is important for the website to be crawled by google through its various pages. Like any map, it helps visitors navigate through the website as well.

Creating brand value with our audience. Brand value increases only when trust is there. We trust what we know and we know what we see or experience. If our website provides a good experience so will trust and the brand value.

It is worth your while going in for a website that has been designed with SEO in mind because 

SEO makes the website rank higher

There is a lower bounce rate and more valuable visitors

It provides a good customer experience resulting in lead generation and sales

SEO web design is optimized to ensure conversions and an increase in brand value

It increases traffic through organic search

It creates social awareness and brand loyalty which in turn creates effective advertisements

It aligns products to the right kind of audience

All the time and money that we utilize to get a good SEO web design will soon yield results with a return on investment.

An SEO web design is not just SEO or a website but it is a long-term investment in a brand, It is optimization with efficiency to get better traffic, better leads, better conversions, and a better brand.

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